Lauri Burton

As a Kindergartener teacher, Lauri is constantly on her feet. When she began to deal with arthritis and pain in her knees, it made it difficult to work. She would arrive home at the end of the day, and realized she was increasingly unable to attend to things at home that needed to be done. Having previously known Dr. DePaolo, she was confident to begin working with him, and had others recommend his services to her as well. She appreciated the professionalism, kindness and reassurance he offered throughout her journey. When it became apparent that she would need both of her knees replaced, Dr. DePaolo arranged for her to meet and talk with another teacher who had already experienced knee replacement surgery to ease her concerns about the surgery and the transition back to teaching that would follow. Lauri underwent two knee replacement surgeries within one year, and was thrilled to be well enough to begin the new school year in the fall that followed her second surgery. She appreciated Dr. DePaolo’s willingness to schedule her surgeries in accordance to her insurance and needs and personal timeline, and said that Dr. DePaolo’s staff treated her as a friend. Seeing how Dr. DePaolo’s surgeries have impacted her life has led her to recommend her friends to work with him as well. “The deep pain is gone,” Lauri said. “I can work all day, then get home and still do everything I need to do!”